One Dog and Two Birds

Bringing more joy to our lives

First one… May 16, 2007

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I grew up with dogs. As far as I can remember, since I was 6, we have always had some pets, and never went without dogs at home. Yes, not one, but usually two of them! I have had fishes (obviously too many of them), budgies, parakeets, bunnies, once a couple of peacocks for a week at home.

Not only did I miss my family and friends after coming to the US, absence of an animal companion was a stress too.

I started a couple of fish tanks when I moved to a nice house and then, saw an ad in the Biology dept poster board about a Peach faced love bird that someone was selling before going on a study abroad program. Thus entered Max into my life. He (assuming he was a ‘he’) was adorable – wakes up early, woke me up with his calls, calls when he hears the tap running…

Peach Faced love bird (from

When I had to move, Max went to live with my husband in Wisconsin. When I also joined them, we started to let him fly around the house (his wings were not clipped), he would respond to my Shankar’s whistles and started getting comfortable sitting with us, cuddling in a towel in my hand and generally became very sociable. Alas! This did not last long and Max had an accidental death.

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