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Getting Nikko May 17, 2007

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The first humane association we checked out did not have any medium sized dogs. I had my eyes on a lab named Sawyer at the next nearest place and we went to check him out, he was an extra-large black lab / German Shepherd mix, with a medical condition and not available for adoption.

In the shelter, which was pretty crowded that day, there was a Conure, locked in a cage in the restroom. He was beautiful and was loud and screaming non-stop. Needless to say, we checked him out and he started to calm down a little. As was my habit of talking to animals, I repeatedly said Hello to him and all of a sudden there was a response. It sounded like he said ‘Hello’; I was sooo excited. Shankar knew what was running in my head and pulled me out to check out the dogs first.

We were interested in only one of the dogs there – her name was Amelia, a black lab mix. She was a stray and has been in the shelter for less than a week by then. They estimate she is a about two years old. She was not yet listed on petfinder. We wanted to check her out and the volunteer at the shelter, brought her to a different room. She was so cute, very timid, did not try to jump or run, and the best thing was when I gave her a treat, she took it so gently. She knew how to sit and listened to us. They were not sure if she was house broken, but we knew we wanted to take her home. There was a small wait required at the shelter before adopting a dog and we were in the process of moving anyways.

By the time we were waiting for the paperwork on her, we were checking out the bird again. His name is Nikko and his mom had dropped him off at the shelter the previous evening, as she was going back to school and did not have the time for him. They said he was about 10 years old (he doesn’t look 10!) and very loud. No one at the shelter had any experience with birds and did not know what to do with him. They said if we wanted him, we can take him home. Usually conures cost anywhere from $200 upwards and we weren’t sure we wanted to spend so much money right then. Fortunately, the shelter was only thinking of letting go of him, and let us adopt Nikko for $10.00 🙂

So, that night, 27 September 2006, we took Nikko home with us, and in the excitement of bringing Amelia soon!

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