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Bringing Amy Home May 19, 2007

Filed under: Adoption,AMY,Dogs — Bala @ 9:39 am

Thats right! After much deliberation, we decided to call her Amy – actually not we, it was Shankar’s idea. I will give him the credit for it, now that I like the name Amy 🙂

We picked her up on September 29, 2006 around 4 pm. She was ready for us! She got into the car like she had done this so many times, with a single leap. We went to Sam’s club and picked up a bag of the Pedigree adult food, some treats, and a bed for her. Next stop was @ Petco to pick up toys. She did good in the car both times we left her alone. We were still in the process of finishing our move and stopped by the old house to pick up some more stuff. I tied her to the railing outside and though she did not like it, she was ok. Did not whine or bark!

That night, we all slept in the living room, due to some paint work in the bedroom and she was not happy about her bed. Kept moving to the floor to sleep.

And that was the uneventful beginning of a wonderful relationship.


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