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This is what they knew… May 22, 2007

Filed under: Jenday Conure,NIKKO,Pets — Bala @ 9:19 pm


When we got him, the only things Nikko knew were :

  1. Scream
  2. Say his name
  3. Grapes!

Since we knew that Conures were loud, we were prepared for him loudness – sorta! But it still took a lot of getting used to.. He would scream if he can see us, but we are not near him; he would scream if he sees the shadows of other birds flying outside the window; he would scream if Amy went anywhere near him / his cage; the worst was when we had people come over! he did not / does not like that.

The really nice thing was that he could say his name – with varying intensity / modulations! It was nice, coz, it helped to train him to reduce screaming. When he screams, we would go to him, ask him to say Nikko and treat him, if he stopped screaming. This is not to say he has completely gotten out of screaming – he does, but the intensity has gone way down, we are so used to him, and better – we can understand for what he screams. These days, it is not even a scream – more like calls – he has different calls for different things. When he needs the food cup to be filled, when he wants to come to us, wants to play, or when it is time to go to sleep!

He loves Grapes – his previous mom trained him to be on her shoulder by giving grapes and thats about the only thing he associated with treats. These days his favorites are Sunflower seeds and peanuts. We are giving him a seed mix, zupreem pellets and other stuff including pasta, rice, apples, anything else we eat that are also healthy for him.


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