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This is what they knew… (2) May 23, 2007

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With Amy, since she was a stray, we had no clue about what she knew and what she didn’t. Even now she sometime surprises us, by doing something we didn’t think she knew!

Well, she was trained at the Eau Claire County Humane Association to sit. This is all we knew. When we started taking her out on walks, we realized she walks only on our left. Though she does not understand ‘ Heel’, she seems to have been in the initial process of training to heel. She did try to pull, but not in an uncontrollable way. No one has asked us if she is walking us 🙂

A while back, when I said ‘Stop’ for something, she stopped and stood in the same spot without moving while I caught up. I suppose thats another thing she knew. I am not sure how much I can differentiate on how much she learned from us and what she knew before with respect to ‘Down’. This was something she started doing in the first week. Though we were asking her ‘to go down’ and treating for it, she might have known this before.

And the best of all things: She was house broken! I had asked the Volunteers at the Humane Association to note if she kept her kennel clean, and they were not sure. Anyways, we were careful to take her out multiple times to make sure, but within a day we realized that she knew to wait for or ask if she needs to step outside. She is a very docile dog, especially for a lab mix!


One Response to “This is what they knew… (2)”

  1. Red Dog Says:

    It’s so great that you rescued Amy! There are so many wonderful dogs that deserve good homes. She will make you very happy.

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