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Training Amy May 26, 2007

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Like any other dog, I suppose the first and easiest thing to teach Amy was to ‘Shake’ hands. It did take a while to get her to give you only her right. Amy has the quickest learning curve of any animal I have ever seen. The pace at which she learns new stuff is the pace at which I teach her. Even if I try and tell her two different things, she seems to pick them up!

One of the other first things she got trained was, to ‘Come’ to us when called. She is a high ‘pack’ drive animal and is always with us. When we watch TV, she lies down by our legs. There have been every few times, when she would go to her bed, without us asking, while we were doing something. She is always ready to come to us! These days, she doesn’t need toe verbal command, she just watches us! She in fact has verbal clues to come to me. A nod of my head and / or a tap on my thigh will get her running to me 🙂 And she got used to her name pretty fast – may be its the tone with which we say it, but it didn’t take her long to get used to a new name.

Amy @ the beach

She has a thing for things that are Yellow – our vacuum cleaner, my plate, etc.. She would get excited / agitated when we vacuum the house and will start jumping in front of it, ready to take on a battle, like the vacuum is gonna get her. If we moved closer sometimes she would bark at it. And we discovered what makes her ‘Bark’ and within a day she was barking on command. The only time she barks without asking is when someone rings the door bell.

Though she knows to ‘Bark’, for some reason she doesn’t like to do it. So when we ask her to bark, she will do this ‘Ummm…umm’, sort of a whiny protest. It took a couple of days to get her to do that on a ‘Speak’ command. I haven’t come across anyone who is not fascinated to see a dog differentiate between ‘Speak’ and ‘Bark’ and respond differently. I am a (big) show off when it comes to Amy 🙂

As you can see, I am not exaggerating when it comes to her learning curve. So, this list will be continued…..


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