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Tagged!!! May 30, 2007

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Thanks to Gomer & Opie at Dogs Aye View, we got tagged to write about 8 unusual / funny / secret things about our kids – Amy, Nikko and Pepper!

Since we haven’t introduced Pepper yet, the list starts with her. Pepper is a 11-year old Nanday Conure. Here are some tit bits about her and Nikko.

  • We always thought Pepper was a boy since we got her – till two weeks back, when she started laying eggs. She is now sitting on two (dead) eggs.

  • Pepper doesn’t like to take a bath – she freezes when wet. However, she likes to put her beak in the water cup and stir it and play. Nikko on the other hand, will jump into a pie plate with water!

  • Pepper is good with mimicking. She makes the sound of running water, when she sees us drink water from a glass. Pepper also imitates the sound of our laughs and laughs with us!

  • Pepper is also a fearless climber – she figured out to walk on the window sill, climb down the curtain to the recliner and get to us on the couch. She is glad that Nikko cant make it farther that the window sill.

  • Pepper likes to shred – we cover her cage bottom with shredded paper and her sleep cage with newspaper, and she is content to be busy for hours with them.

  • Nikko is so protective of us (mostly Shankar) and has attacked me when I got too close to my husband! He has dive-bombed Amy and attacks almost all of her toys. He doesn’t like stuffed animals especially.

  • Nikko loves our bed. He gets sooo excited when he comes into the bedroom, and runs around / inside the sheets, making these cute sounds, like talking to himself.

  • Nikko knows when Shankar comes home from work. He will sit on top of the cage or inside and watch the road for Shankar. The moment he sees him on the other side of the road, he will start his joyous screaming and run to the spot on the top of his cage closest to the door. He secretly thinks he is a dog 🙂

We are tagging Spencer at The Adventures of Spencer blog. We will soon write on 8 unusual things about Amy! Thanks Gomer & Opie!


One Response to “Tagged!!!”

  1. dogmom Says:

    You’re most welcome! Great secrets!
    Wuf Ya – Gomer & Opie

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