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Introducing Pepper – the Baby @ home May 31, 2007

Filed under: Nanday Conure,PEPPER — Bala @ 7:23 am

We have pet names for all our pets. Amy is ‘My Girl’, Nikko is the ‘Sweety Pie’ and Pepper is ‘My Baby’. During the holiday breaks of last year, I came across Ollie’s Parrot Perch when searching for bird boarding places. I was impressed by her Parrot Rescue – A Place to Call Home and wanted to help. By this point, Nikko had been with us for about 4 months, and we have been working with him pretty well, doing clicker-training with him and gotten very comfortable handling and living with a bird. We were thinking about adopting another Conure, especially one needs to be rehabilitated. As we browsed through the site, Miko, caught our attention. Miko was a male blue crowned conure who has cage aggression issues and needed someone to work with him outside his cage. He was pretty much naked and will remain so, due to the continuous feather destruction.

When we went to check him out however, Sandi, was holding Pepper, a 11-year old Nanday Conure on her hand and he was all too excited. Though he had his wings clipped, he was so full of energy and fluttered around. He was also mostly naked, from plucking out his feathers due to separation anxiety and had been at the center for about a month. We fell in love with him immediately and decided to bring him home. We had already spoken to Sandi and since we did not want to spend a lot of money in adopting the bird, Sandi allowed us to ‘foster’ Pepper for a lot less. For all purposes, he is our Baby now. Though we weren’t sure we always thought that Pepper was a boy. Well, we recently found out that Pepper is a baby girl, and she started to lay eggs. We have been working on her and she is not plucking out her feathers anymore. She has two new tail feathers and a few more on her shoulders and the back. Pepper is easy to work with, sweet and is sooo adorable. She is not as needy as Nikko, but enjoys our company a lot. We can’t wait for the day to see her covered in feathers!

The above picture was taken when we brought her home – she was not happy that only I was typing on the keyboard and wanted to join in the fun! It is so hard to get pictures of her, as she thinks that the Camera is a ‘Pepper-eating-monster’ and attacks it with all her might!


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