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Amy and the snow… June 1, 2007

Filed under: AMY,Dogs,Play,Snow — Bala @ 4:38 am

If there is one thing that I don’t like about Wisconsin, its the cold snowy winter. Last winter, I was stuck at home, not wanting to layer up to even step outside the house. By the time snow started, Amy had learned to step outside for nature calls, without having us accompany her. I even taught her to bark at the door when she is done, so that we could open the door to let her in.

For reasons I cannot understand, Amy loved the snow. She would just run around in the yard in knee – deep snow, jumping around stuff I can’t see. She likes to play ‘fetch’ even when it is snowing and even chased snow balls. It was us that were in trouble, trying to keep her busy inside the house, playing with her in the basement and attic, making sure she gets her exercise. But anytime we bundled up to step outside, she was in for a fun time playing with her ball. The times we stepped out to shovel the snow was the best for her. We would be out for a while and she had the run of the place. She even tried eating the snow a few times! Well, we now have the ocean in California, and she has a lot more fun swimming 🙂


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