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Playing it nice June 7, 2007

Filed under: AMY,Dogs,Play — Bala @ 12:32 am

Amy, as I mentioned before, is super friendly. She thinks the same of all dogs and wants to play with everyone. Our neighbor has a dachshund whom we rarely see. Once in a while, he will see Amy poking around by the fence below the porch and will start barking. Amy, as always thinks he wants to play with her and was trying to figure out a way to get through the fence. However, when she poked her nose through it, the little dog tried to bite her and freaked her out. Amy, confused about what was happening, came running back up, went for her Orange monster toy and took it back to the little guy, hoping that would get him to soften up 🙂 Did I mention that she is smart?


2 Responses to “Playing it nice”

  1. dogmom Says:

    Wow! That IS smart. Did it work?
    Wuf Ya – gomer & Opie

  2. The Zoo Says:

    Ahhh thats soo sweet and smart of her. Our cairn terrier Gus loves big dogs the best, the bigger the better, nd is always trying to trade his brother JD (border collie mix) at the vet (Jd and big enough for him) for a big dog. He doesnt like it when we say no trades of your brother. He looks up to the dog in the red bull commercials.

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