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Being away from Amy June 8, 2007

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Last year, during Thanksgiving we had to board Amy for the first time. It was just for the weekend. Well, in a small town like Owen, WI having a place around to board pet animals is a big deal. The place in nice, but small and the owner and her daughters were really nice. However, she was not happy to be separated from us and went without eating for more than a day. When I went to pick her up, she was tired and not too happy to have been left at the kennel. She also had an appointment for her spaying on that Monday. We had to wait for two months to get a date in Owen – unbelievable, but true! At least we did not have to wait to get her shots. They had her in a kennel similar to the one she was in the shelter at the Vet after the surgery and the moment she heard me walk in the door, she started whining and did not have the patience to hang around in that place, till I took care of the bills.

We boarded her again in the same place during the Christmas break, and this time she knew we would come back to get her and did not fuss about eating. After I moved to California, I had to vacate my room after some issues and had to board Amy for a week, before we could move into another place. I visited her everyday, both before going to work and after. She couldn’t understand why I was leaving her there and wanted to get back in the car with me. For once, I wished so much that she could understand everything I tell her. It was a rough time for both Amy and I, and we hope to never go through it again. We made up by going to the beach twice that weekend 🙂

When I went to Kansas last month, I was looking for a boarding place with a larger play area, but our friends C&R offered to take care of my little girl and she was so happy, to be able to stay and play with Sephora all week long! Sephora’s dad is Amy’s Vet here and I know even if she got in to any trouble, she is in good hands. Now we (the parents) are in Albuquerque for a few days and Amy is again staying with Sephora. What more can we all ask, when she is with her best friend, playing in a large yard and being well taken care of by her Vet?


2 Responses to “Being away from Amy”

  1. fee Says:

    amy is so lucky to get a mini holiday at sephora’s. what about nikko and pepper? where do they go? i never knew parrots could be so playful; they’re very adorable!

  2. dogmom Says:

    Dogmom said it was really hard the first time she boarded her other dog, Floppy. She was really stressed about it, but Floppy wagged his tail and off he went.

    Gomer was a scared puppy and suffered from kennel anxiety when he boarded. Then dogmom went to work for the vet and took him to work with her. When he learned that every time he went to the vet he wasn’t going to be left there, boarding became much better.

    Now, we like where we go at Dog Pad. It’s fun and we know dogmom is coming back… she always does! (Even though sometimes she says she doesn’t know why!)
    Wuf Ya! – Gomer & Opie

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