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Spoiled! June 23, 2007

Filed under: AMY,Dogs,Food,Travel — Bala @ 1:26 pm

When we are on the road, Amy usually gets pampered a lot! We feel bad about subjecting her to the confines of the car, though she loves it. yesterday, once she saw me take a shower and get ready, she ran to the car and sat by it, not wanting to come in, but to go for a ride and whined a little!

So, when we travel, she gets to eat human food, usually as an additive to her regular pet food, to encourage her to eat. She sometimes refuses to eat in strange places or around people. In Williams, Arizona (Day – 2), when we wanted to get breakfast, we found this place two buildings down from our hotel, that served food outside. And, they were o.k. with us taking Amy. I usually get a side of scrambled egg to go, to mix with her food, but today she got spoiled!

They served her too – with cold water and scrambled eggs, on human plates. She had Shankar’s toast and my pancake to compliment the eggs. She finished everything before we could take pictures.

The only thing missing were the napkins šŸ™‚ Amy was sooo happy that she got to eat with us, and just her treats. She did all her tricks for the staff and the other patrons. And we never get tired of people praising her for being such a good girl šŸ™‚


2 Responses to “Spoiled!”

  1. Spencer Says:

    What a great breakfast for Amy! I’ll bet she’ll be demanding that everyday in no time, BOL!

  2. Johann Says:

    That is so cool! Lucky Dog!

    BTW – we tagged you if you’d like to participate. Have a good week, K?

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