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@ the Grand Canyon June 29, 2007

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We spent a day at the Grand Canyon on our way back from California, mostly on the South Rim. It was getting hot when we started our walk. Amy, within the first five minutes, when we were walking on the trail,got scared of a little boy and his mom, who were carrying an umbrella (not sure if this was what scared her!), gave a little yelp / bark and managed to pull herself out of the collar! I am sure the boy got a little scared too and we were quite perplexed about what caused her to panic suddenly. She calmed down within a minute and was happy trotting along and posing for pictures.

The best thing about taking Amy out was, she was so friendly to everyone (except the boy, of course) and was O.K with people petting her. She even sat down for a little kid, about 2 years old, who even pulled on her ears and she was fine with it. She has been around kids and is usually great with them, but I wasn’t sure if she could stand someone pulling her ears. As always, we are so proud of her 🙂


3 Responses to “@ the Grand Canyon”

  1. Floss Says:

    OoOOoOoo :]

    Looks like you had fun, besides that little scare :[

  2. Spencer Says:

    What a great picture! So wonderful Amy got to explore the Grand Canyon.

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