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More @ the Grand Canyon July 3, 2007

Filed under: AMY,Car,Dogs,Pets,Travel — Bala @ 9:42 pm

Though Amy was doing great with the crowd around us at the Grand Canyon, once she discovered the squirrels, she was getting distracted quite a bit! Later, when we went to look at the Californian Condors and Hermit Road, Amy had the chance to take a long nap and here she is trying to wake up after a cold drink…

She was excited on our drive to the Grand View and was looking out for a while, since it had also started to cool down by then…

We saw a beautiful sunset at Grand View, and here is Amy, waiting with us, looking over the canyon.

By the time we started again towards Desert View, Amy decided she had enough of the long day and was fast asleep! I am sure she was dreaming of dog parks by then!


2 Responses to “More @ the Grand Canyon”

  1. Spencer Says:

    Sweet dreams Amy! You have lots of adventures to dream about.

  2. Johann Says:

    Oh, squirrels, did someone say squirrels!

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