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Pepper’s Bath Time July 8, 2007

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The birdies are not too happy that all of the recent posts have been about Amy. So, here is a short note on Pepper!

Pepper is scared of water, other than whats in her bowl for drinking. She can me a running water sound, like gurgling and will do it when she sees us drinking liquid stuff or when she wants more water. Sometimes when she is really excited, she will stir her water with her beak, thats about all her fun with water. Any other time, she hates to come in contact with water.

Due to her feather plucking behavior, however, we try to get her wet, at least once every few days, to moisturize her dry skin and reduce whatever irritations she might have. Once a week, she gets to jump in the shower with one of us, and either get wet from the spray or have a full bath, with a misty spray. In the first instance, she just freezes and waits for us to get done. Leave her alone in the tub, its worse than dealing with a kid, who doesn’t want to take shower! Oh, and then there is the arch enemy – spray bottle!

Once she is done however, she like to be wrapped in a towel and held tight.. its one of those I am holding a baby in my hand moments.. Here she is all snuggled in..

It is also a lot easier for us to keep track of her feathers when she is wet – like the new ones that is coming out and those that she has pulled out.

We are hoping that as summer sets in full swing, she might get a little more water friendly!


2 Responses to “Pepper’s Bath Time”

  1. jolynna Says:

    Pepper looks so sweet all wrapped up like a baby. I had no idea birds had so much personality.

  2. Perfect Tosca Says:

    Peppers a good lookin’ bird let me tell you! I never lived with a bird before. I bet it’s fun.

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