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@ Mesa Verde – More on CA to WI July 15, 2007

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From the Four Corners, we reached Mesa Verde National Park later that day. Amy however, was not allowed to be outside the car beyond the parking lot and we drove around for about four hours in the park, touring the cliff dwellings and ancient pueblos. After closing time, we took a little break at the parking lot and played with Amy.

We asked her to sit and stay at one place while we walked away from her, to see how she would respond in a new place. There was no one else around and we had the visitor center and the parking area to ourselves. Here she is, staying till I asked her to come, sitting on end of the tunnel to go to the visitor’s center, while we were on the other end – a distance of about two lane wide.

After this, we played fetch for a while in the parking lot and in the middle of the game, Amy stopped and pointed us this fox, which we failed to notice. All Amy did was stand in the same place, pointed us the fox and gave her full attention to it. She almost refused to move and do anything else till the fox left. The good thing was – she didn’t chase the fox and take off after it 🙂 [Can you spot him?]

She was so tired after all the ball chasing the pointing out fox and deers, (thats right! we also saw some deer walk on the other end of the parking lot after the fox left), she had to lie down to drink her water! She did have a good night sleep from a hard day on the road.


One Response to “@ Mesa Verde – More on CA to WI”

  1. Spencer Says:

    Amy is so well trained, I think I would have ran after the fox! We’re enjoying reading about the trip.

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