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Having a visitor July 25, 2007

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On July 4th, we had a canine visitor to our home. I was in the kitchen, and noticed a head appear in the dining room window. It was a dog – golden retriever (mix?). The dog was wet from the rain and it was obvious that she had ran away from home, with the mixture of terrifying fireworks and thunderstorms. She was trained, and wanted to get inside the house. We let her in the garage and Shankar wiped her with a towel and she seemed ok with it. Though she didn’t want any food, she took some treats from my hand. And, she didn’t have a collar on her. I called the cops. let them know we have her and gave our contact info, called the local vet and asked her if she knew any girl of that description prone to escape and left a message at the clinic. Then we let Amy out to see if they would play.

To our big surprise, Amy, who runs to every dog thinking all of them just want to play, merely checked out the new visitor, and then went and lied down, not wanting to play. We also took the dogs out after the rains ceased, and the new girl was not interested in chasing any balls.

A few hours later, our visitor’s dad pulled into our driveway… he said her name is Bailey – and she was more than 10 years old. She was so happy to get in the car and drive home and I am sure the kids were happy to have her back too. Unfortunately, we were a little upset that Bailey’s parents did not notice her missing for a while. In fact, he told me that they realized she was missing when they called the dogs in (they have three of them) to lick their plates clean after supper. She had apparently managed to find a way out from the fenced yard.

Amy is never stepping outside my door without her collar, even though she is micro-chipped. Never.


2 Responses to “Having a visitor”

  1. harmonia Says:

    I responded to your post on my blog. thanks. I noticed you are participating in blogathon…kudos! What is your charity again??? Rift (on my links section) is also participating…sounds like fun!

  2. Spencer Says:

    It’s great that you found the dog’s owner. They should have been a lot more responsible though.

    Nice work doing the blogathon!

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