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Blogathon 2007 – Update July 26, 2007

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We are really really excited about the upcoming Blogathon on July 28. Last weekend, Amy, Shankar and I went to the Eau Claire County Humane Association and spent some time with the dogs. The staff were so amicable and helpful in accommodating us. The Director – Lauren Evans, has been wonderful in encouraging us about this event. Thanks to her, we are getting more publicity. Tess Morgan, a DJ on our Mix 98.1 radio station has been talking about our Blogathon for the Humane Associations. She also has a post about it on her personal page here.

Christena O’Brien, the pets page editor of the Eau Claire Leader-Telegram, has been very kind in not only sponsoring our blog, but also by writing about the cause in tomorrow’s paper. She is also a volunteer at the Chippewa Falls Humane Association.

Our Big Thanks to Tess and Christena. We also thank Sam, Christena, Vishnu and an anonymous donor for sponsoring us. As we mentioned earlier, we are pledging personally 10% of what our sponsors (YOU!) provide for the ECCHA for three other humane associations (that is a total of 30%).

For more information on what we doing in the Blogathon, Please see our previous post – Joining the Blogathon 2007

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2 Responses to “Blogathon 2007 – Update”

  1. Spencer Says:

    That is so fantastic that you are blogging for your humane society!

  2. Amber-Mae Says:

    Hi there Bala, nice to meet ya! Thanks for dropping by my bloggy… It was nice meeting your dog Amy, I loved the yawning video. She’s sooo smart… Last night, my mommy was sooo glued to teach me the trick ‘shy’ where I’m required to put my head down on the floor & cover my eyes like as if I’m shy. I’m still progressing with that, damn difficult. But in case you didn’t know, I’m a dancing Golden Retriever living in Malaysia & the only dancing Golden here. I can do tons of tricks & dance moves & I have already performed about 4 times in public & have won several awards & trophies. You can search for the videos in my olden posts. This coming October, I’m performing again. I’ve also done Johnson&Johnson TV commercial India. No, I didn’t go to India, they came here to shoot in one of our country’s Forest Reserve. I am chosen to perform several stunts & stuff… The commercial will be on-air by next month. I can’t wait already! Hehehe… Anyway, nice meeting you all! Do drop by my bloggy again some other time yer? See ya then! Have a great day.

    Love licks,
    Solid Gold Dancer

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