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Less than a day! July 27, 2007

Filed under: Blogathon,Dogs,Pets — Bala @ 10:52 am

With less than a day to go for the Blogathon 2007, we have raised $140.00 from 6 pledges…A big Thank You to our Sponsors so far: Sam, Christena, Vishnu, Snmram, Ramya, Fab 6 @ Garden Farm…Thanks guys, we love you! We are personally pledging 30% of what our sponsors pledged – $42.00

Our next sponsor could be you! Please Click Here to Sponsor Us!

Last night, Shankar, Amy and I visited the Chippewa Falls Humane Association and played with a few of the dogs there.. they had wonderful high school students help us with the animals and we had a great time. Check back tomorrow during the blogathon to read more!


One Response to “Less than a day!”

  1. harmonia Says:

    Congrats! That’s wonderful! Between your posts and Rift’s posts I will be busy reading this weekend!!! Good luck!

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