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Aren’t DVDs toys? July 28, 2007

Filed under: AMY,Blogathon,Dogs,Games,Pets — Bala @ 7:44 am

Blogathon – Post – 2 – 8.30 AM

Shankar and I were watching a movie on the laptop last week, and I had pulled out an old DVD from the laptop and had set it out on the coffee table. A few days back, when I was looking for something else, the DVD fell on the floor. Amy, who we thought was sleeping all of a sudden jumped up and seeeing the DVD in my hand, started to go nuts! Like had a frisbee in my hand! And thats exactly what she was thinking. Dont ask me if she hasnt seen a frisbee.

She started wagging with a lot of excitement, doing the bow thing, like I would throw the DVD any moment for her to catch, and when she realised I was hesitant, she started asking for it.

Please, please, please…

Got it!


Its mine now! Try to come and get it!


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