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BARC July 28, 2007

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Blogathon 2007 – Post 10 – 12.30 PM

No, thats correct, not Bark, but BARC – Behavioral Analysis Research in Canines. Professor Dan Holt (with his student Eric Barney below) is helping the animals at the ECCHA by applying their research.

Professor Dan Holt, faculty member in Psychology at the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire, has been visiting ECCHA everyday, for almost 3 weeks now, with his students. Their goal is to make less adoptable dogs more adoptable. They have been doing Positive Reinforcement Training and teach dogs basic social and attending skills. This will make it easier for the dogs to find good homes soon. They are also willing to go to the homes after the dogs are adopted to help the new parents continue the training for the dogs. We say thats awesome!


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