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Jealous Nikko July 28, 2007

Filed under: Blogathon,Jenday Conure,NIKKO — Bala @ 8:34 pm

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Blogathon 2007 – Post 28 – 9.30 PM

Nikko is the typical kid in our house. He always wants attention and has favorites – Shankar. He always follows Shankar in what he is doing, and does not like it one bit that any one else has anything to do with Shankar. He has bitten / tried to bite me, quite a few times, as a recipient of Shankar’s attention. Though he doesn’t bite Pepper, anytime anyone gives Pepper some attention, he wants it too and he wants it all! With Amy, she is ok, as long as she stays away from the cage and Shankar does not give her too much attention when Nikko is watching. If either of us, starts to play with Amy, anywhere close to Nikko – he threatens to get to us. And, of course that enough to send Amy back to her bed. Here is one such Nikko’s feat – hanging from the cage door, like he is going to jump on us!


One Response to “Jealous Nikko”

  1. jolynna Says:

    Oh my gosh, your bird DOES act like our dog, Buster.

    They are both the same in guarding their “loved” one and keeping everybody else from getting close. I didn’t know birds could be jealous and possessive.

    He’s so cute.

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