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Our Sponsors July 28, 2007

Filed under: Blogathon,Pets — Bala @ 8:07 pm

Our next sponsor could be you! Please Click Here to Sponsor Us! Please visit Blogathon 2007, for more information. We have raised $230.00 so far, for the Eau Claire County Humane Association and are personally pledging $69.00 for three other Humane Associations.

Blogathon 2007 – Post 27 – 9.00 PM

As we have successfully crossed half-way in the blogathon, we are really glad that we are participating and wish to thank all of our sponsors once more. A huge thank you to:

Sam, from Madison; Christena O’ Brien from Eau Claire, Vishnu from L.A; Ramya from Atlanta; Vidya Shankar from Boston; SNMRam, the Fabulous 6 @ Garden Farms; Goutham from Atlanta, Sendhil from Maryland, Charu from Boston and Rick from Owen, WI. We also have an anonymous sponsor!

We all appreciate your support and once again, thank you!


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