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Playful Renatta July 28, 2007

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Blogathon 2007 – Post 8 – 11.30 AM

When we were playing with Hampson, Renatta, was also outside, playing with someone who used to be a volunteer and also used to rehabilitate her breed. Renatta is a American Pit Bull Terrier mix. At 9 months, she is still a puppy and looking for a home where she can grow up.

Renatta came to the ECCHA as a stray in June 2006. She was adopted a few days back, actually two days before we visited. She was brought back within 23 hours, as the new parents could not handle her puppy behavior. She is a wonderful girl, loved to be petted and wanted only to play with Amy. With the right training, she would, no doubt, be a wonderful addition to a family.


One Response to “Playful Renatta”

  1. Andrew Odlum Says:

    Puppies can certainly be a handful. They aren’t for everyone but Renatta looks like she is fantastic.

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