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Thank You! July 29, 2007

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Blogathon 2007 – Post 49 – 08.00 AM

The final post! Wow! We are tired and zapped of energy, but we made it! Even though we stated that we would write about dogs in the HA’s around us, it was tough to write 49 posts and hence we have posts about our pets too! Thanks a lot for everyone who supported us! Thanks to our sponsors without whom the exercise would have been meaningless! Thanks to the HA’s for their support! Thanks Amy, Nikko & Pepper for being patient with us during this 24 hour period! It had been a really good experience.

We bid a weary good night(day)! Though we are wrote the final post, and successfully made it, you can still sponsor for the next 24 hours. Please Click Here to Sponsor Us! Please visit Blogathon 2007, for more information. We have raised $260.00 so far. Thanks to all of our sponsors!!!


6 Responses to “Thank You!”

  1. Gomer & Opie Says:

    We’re so very proud of you! We clicked to sponsor you, too… although we didn’t get to it till Sunday since dogmom was hogging the computer!
    Wuf Ya!

  2. Johann Says:

    Congratulations for making it through! We love the doggie pics, of course!

    Sorry we didn’t get to stop by since we were at the trial, but we are proud of you for sticking it out!


  3. jolynna Says:

    Hi Bala and Sankara!

    Congratulations on finishing your blogathon!

    Good for you, Bala, for bringing animals into Sankara’s life. I can tell you love animals from your pictures and your writing.

    What a nice site. I love reading about animals. So, I’ll be back.

  4. Floss Says:

    Hello đŸ™‚

    everything is GOOOOD wooofs

  5. Pippa Says:

    Hi there
    Stopping by to say hello
    Beautiful photos, and a nice blog

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