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Blog Burnout… August 7, 2007

Filed under: Jenday Conure,Nanday Conure,NIKKO,PEPPER,Pets,Sephora — Bala @ 12:51 pm

We have been suffering from a little blog burnout, after the blogathon. It felt like a feat to have written 49 posts in 24 hours, but it also zapped a lot of our energy. I was hoping to post last weekend, but alas, it was a lazy one! Anyways, wanted to update everyone that we are all doing alright. Mostly, its the same old, except we have been trying to get Nikko say my name. He does give it a try. Watch out for video soon. Talking of videos, we received a nice clip of Sephora playing with her birthday presents. We all had fun watching it!


4 Responses to “Blog Burnout…”

  1. Gomer & OPie Says:

    Whew. We’re glad you’re ok and just exhausted and not something more serious.

    Dogmom said when you wake up, could you email her instructions about how to fulfill her pledge? She didn’t get anything from the blogathon folks.

    Thanks! Wuf ya – Opie and Gomer

  2. Spencer Says:

    Glad you guys are ok! Hope you get rested up soon. Tail wags!

  3. CCHA Says:

    Thanks so much for coming out to visit our motley crew!!
    Gina and Derik enjoyed visiting with Amy and I love the picture of you and Tilly in our local newspaper!
    Thanks for thinking of us!
    Vickie Price
    Shelter Manager 🙂

  4. Perfect Tosca Says:

    Boy after the blogathon me and the woman zonked right out!

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