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Adorable Sephora August 11, 2007

Filed under: Blogathon,Dogs,Pets,Sephora,Video — Bala @ 12:15 am

Sephora’s mom sent us this really cool video of Sephora having a field day with a couple of the toys we sent her for her birthday. She is simply soooo cute and adorable! 🙂


5 Responses to “Adorable Sephora”

  1. Johann Says:

    Too cute!!! Made me go nuts just listening!


  2. dogsayeview Says:

    HI – can’t see the video from my work computer… so we’ll have to watch it at home. The boyz say Hi!
    Trish, Gomer & Opie

  3. Spencer Says:

    Hi Ganag, Very cute video! Hope you’re getting some time to relax soon. Wags, Spencer.

  4. Gomer & Opie Says:

    We are driving dogmom crazy trying to eat the computer whenever she plays Sephora’s video!!!

  5. Robert Says:

    This is so weird! You won’t believe this, our dog looks almost exactly the same and is also named Sephora!

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