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Adoption and Adoption Days September 28, 2007

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Yesterday was Nikko’s first adoption day. We can’t believe it is already an year since the little guy came into our lives, and , that he is almost 3 years old! Nikko is getting a new happy hut and we all had loads of cinnamon coffee cake last night.

Do I look like I am 3?

And tomorrow is Amy’s adoption day too! She already got a whole bunch of new toys, including, of course, a tennis ball. She has been going crazy with all the new toys to play with.

Wanna come and play?

The biggest news of all is about Pepper. We have now officially adopted Pepper! She acts like she knows it too 🙂 Overall, we need to have a big adoption day bash here.

What took you guys so long?


7 Responses to “Adoption and Adoption Days”

  1. Gomer & Opie Says:

    YaY! You all got a great furever … or is it a featherever … home! Yay! We gotta pay better attention next year!
    Wuf Ya!
    Gomer & Opie

  2. Opy Says:

    Hey Amy,

    Happy adoption day – we are so glad that you found your furever home. Have a wonderful day 🙂



  3. Freda Says:

    Hey Nikkos and Amys.

    HAPPYS ADOPTION DAYS! That’s so cooools your A-Days are soo close togethers and you found your forevers home in the same place. Did you guys plan that? Arf! Arf!.

    I reeeallys like your blog. Keep up the good works. My dad says Hi to your peeps.


    Freda Ƨ

  4. the zoo Says:

    Happy Gotcha days all sround to eferyone in yur howze.

  5. Spencer Says:

    Happy Gotcha Day to Nikko & Amy! Sorry I’m a little late…work is crazy!

  6. Johann Says:

    Happy Gotcha Day to everyone! And, I definitely wanna play with some of those cool toys! Congrats! Woofs, Johann

  7. Marutham Says:

    Hello 🙂 First time dropping by …

    AWESOME Guys awesome!!
    AM sure your home is FOR SURE a HOME SWEET HOME!
    2 birda & a dog!! Simply amazing…and the bird 11 years old?!
    NO WAY!!
    Looks pretty young like a chick 🙂 All the three of them are adorable.

    I always wanted to adopt a pet 🙂 but never really have for more than a month. We have only had them at home till they get well (A few occasions we had provided shelter for some sick/wounded/Abandoned ones.. that includes squirrels too 🙂 Ah.. How i wish i could be with them for more… ) Am still trying to convince my dad to let me have a pet .. ** SOBS **

    U rock! Keep rocking! 🙂

    Cheers & best wishes to all of you ,


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