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Distractions January 10, 2008

Filed under: AMY,Dogs,Pets — Bala @ 5:17 pm

After the long play time by the Parthenon, all Amy wanted was a cool drink.

All those Canada Geeses, they are such a wonderful distraction – Amy couldn’t stop thinking about running after them.

But someone else got her attention and oh boy, was she looking for more fun!


One Response to “Distractions”

  1. Gomer & Opie Says:

    Hey, we like chasing geese and squirrels too! Sorry we’ve not been visiting for a while. Dogmom’s been hogging the computer for her classes and we’ve been spending more time at Dog Pad playing since she couldn’t play with us for a while. Something about tearing her potator cuff or something. Anyways, things are getting back to normal now… except that dogmom is hiding some kind of animal in our upstairs bathroom. Do you know what it is?
    Gomer & Opie

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