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No Photos! January 14, 2008

Filed under: Nanday Conure,PEPPER,Pets — Bala @ 9:44 pm
We thought it is time to write about Pepper, since we don’t write about her much, though she is our very special baby. However, she hates the camera, and thinks it is a “Pepper-eating-Monster” and doesn’t let us take pictures of her. Sight of the camera, or any thing else in our hand for that matter, triggers a defensive mechanism in Pepper and she will start swaggering with her wings puffed up, ready to attack if the thing got any closer. Not wanting to trouble her, we have sort of given up on decent pictures of Pepper. On a positive note, she has gotten better at not plucking and actually has more feathers than when we first got her, an year ago. Thats right! Its been an year since we got her and it has been special for all of us 🙂

Will you take that Camera off my face?

2 Responses to “No Photos!”

  1. Jen Says:

    My Nanday (Nanny) started plucking her feathers when I left for the dorms after starting college. She now lives with me in my apartment and her needs are once again being met, but she did not stop plucking because it had become a HABIT.

    I was concerned about the feather plucking so I brought her to the vet. They recommended a cone. I purchased one online at a bird supply store, and put it on her myself.

    Now, she has adjusted to the uncomfortable device and her feathers are returning. She has learned to maneuver around in her cage even with the cone and it only took her several hours to make the change. It is delightful to see her feathers return.

    CAUTION: feather follicles will be unable to produce more feathers after continuous damage occurs, so it is a time sensitive issue.

    The cones are very cheap and helpful.

    Hope you found this information helpful,


  2. Bala Says:

    Hi Jen,

    Thanks for visiting our blog and for all the information. Unfortunately, as you said this is a time sensitive issue. Pepper is about 12 years old and since she had been plucking for a long time before we adopted her, she has basically damaged all the follicles on her chest and back. Hence, she will not be able to grow any feathers there.

    We are so happy that you are able to find an apartment to have Nanny with you. I am sure she is a lucky birdie 🙂

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