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Love the Kong! January 20, 2008

Filed under: AMY,Dogs,Pets,Toys — Bala @ 4:51 pm

If we have to give credit to one thing that Amy has, that is absolutely awesome, thats the Kong! She loves it, no matter what it is filled with. We get the usual Kong stuffer for it, but also go for peanut butter or yogurt+peanut butter, as is, or frozen.

Amy knows the Kong by name and brings it to us when we either pull out the stuffer or ask for it. It is something more fun for her to do, when she is not walking around with a ball or a toy in her mouth.

The Kong is also a wonderful distraction that no other toy can create when we are leaving the house. Amy doesn’t care much when we leave for work, but if it is for anything else, she would want to go with us. And usually we take her wherever we go. However, with the temperatures below zero these days, leaving her home with the Kong is good for all of us.


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