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Colbert, the Bear February 24, 2008

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For her birthday, along with a bunch of little toys, Amy also got a big Bear toy, whom we named Colbert (after Stephen Colbert from the Colbert Report). Honestly we never expected Colbert to last this long – it has been more than 6 months and he is still intact. Amy loves him, and when we get excited about him, she will drag him from one room to another, hold him by the leg or ears and shake him violently. She also like to lie down on him and reflect.


New Bed February 21, 2008

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This was Amy’s old bed – it became too old, and so, when we were on our road trip to the South, we got a new one. But I made a mistake on the size of the bed and got her one that was a little bit smaller than what she would like. Here is her new one, what I think is a little too big, especially since she has been sleeping with us on the bed. However, she loves it too much and with the weather not so good, spends a lot of time sleeping on her new bed.


Yumm.. February 18, 2008

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Now this is what we call a gourmet meal 🙂

Waiting February 16, 2008

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Nikko knows to tell time – not exactly but he definitely knows the time when dad comes home. Soon after 5 pm, almost everyday, Nikko goes to the top of the cage and starts watching outside. Since dad walks home from work, Nikko can see for a little ways from his watch post and will start to get really excited when he sees dad. It is actually hard to persuade him away from the post, as nothing is better than daddy!


Finding Bunny February 12, 2008

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We have at least one bunny living under our back porch. Given that there are few interesting things happening outside these days, Amy has taken to checking for the bunny whenever she can.

The bunny has three holes through which it comes and goes and Amy keeps track of all those, sniffing from where the bunny went and which one it came back in.

Entry 1: Bunny uses to go to the neighbor’s porch.
Entry 2: Bunny uses to go to the house behind us with bushes.
Entry 3: Bunny uses to confuse Amy 🙂

What we do in the snow February 8, 2008

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Amy loves the snow – doesn’t matter how windy it is, or how cold it is, she just loves to play outside in the snow. She is the only reason we ever spend anytime outside in this weather. The snow just makes her go nuts, she needs very little prompting or no stimulus from us at all – the snow does it. Here is a short clip of her running around, just because.


Gateway Arch February 6, 2008

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During the holidays, on our way back from New Orleans, we stopped to see the Gateway Arch in St. Louis. The Gateway Arch (Jefferson National Expansion Memorial) signifies the westward expansion of the United States. We went there in the evening and it was pretty cold and got dark soon. We played a lot with Amy in the woods between the Arch and the parking lot. However, we had to come back in the morning to take some good pictures. It was still not a great day for pictures, but with hardly anyone around, Amy had a good running session.