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Treat Toss March 27, 2008

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Here is a real short clip of one of Amy’s latest tricks… catching a treat (Charlie Bear) by tossing it from her nose. Works only if she was still enough to balance it first 🙂 and we are working on concentration skills!


Last Month of Snow March 22, 2008

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We are really really hoping for it to stop snowing and finally see some sun. It was very pleasant for a few days last week, and we played outside a lot. It was good to see the snow melting finally. However, it snowed again last three days and it is warm now. The ice has started to melt quite a bit and Amy is determined to make the best of the piles up snow and ice before it is hot here and spends quite a bit of time investigating things in the snow!

How else do you think we can keep busy in this weather?

Fate of the Box March 12, 2008

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On Day 6, this is what was left of the box from the post below! Can you imagine how hard the babies had to work to get here?

How to keep two birds busy March 9, 2008

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A lot of people visit our site, looking for tips on adopting birds, mostly conures of course. Though we have been meaning to write about adopting birds, we can tell you this right now: It is not easy to keep two of them busy.

Pepper is a quite girl and hardly ever makes any noise, she calls to us if she wants food or need to go to bed. However, Nikko is a entirely different story. He is young, very healthy and has loads of energy. It is a challenge to come up with ideas that would help him burn off some of that excess energy, if he is not tired, is directed towards me (mostly with anger). Nikko did not grow up with toys and doesn’t care for them. I have tried to get him interested in them, but we haven’t had any luck yet. However, he likes to shred (Pepper too) and thats one way to keep him busy.

I gave him this card board box, about a month back. Pepper tends to keep away from new things, whereas Nikko loves to investigate them. So, as he came near, I threw in some seeds inside the box (I had cut a hole for him to get in) and in a few minutes he was inside.

The first day, he shredded all the flaps of the box inside and threw the box off the cage a couple of times, and scattered shredded cardboard all over the place.

Pepper joined him from day 2, she liked to shred from the outside and did not want to venture in.

Watch out for happened to the box in 6 days!!! – Here


Things as usual March 8, 2008

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Nothing much has changed in Wisconsin, since the last time we wrote – the snow is still there and we are having really cold days and nights. Well, actually we are seeing he sun more often now, but not enough to melt the snow piles. Amy has been enjoying the snow, a lot more than we do, and runs around like crazy.
She has lost a lot more balls this winter in the snow than ever before and spends a lot of time searching for them in places that she will not be able to find them.
Here she is in one of her mad dashes across the yard. Oh, she has also been jumping from top of the snow piles, which I am hoping to get a video of soon.