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Amy and the Goats June 24, 2008

Filed under: AMY,Animals,Play — Bala @ 11:13 pm

Our friends Rick & Chris have a farm with a few goats and a lot of cows. They also run a greenhouse from where almost all of our plants came from. We go there quite often and as you all know Amy goes with us wherever we go for the most part. A few weeks back when we were at the farm, Amy decided to check out the goats that were inside an enclosure.

As far as we know, Amy hasn’t been around goats before; she thought they were different kinds of dogs and wanted to play with them. However, the goats were a little rattled by the presence of a dog as big as Amy (since Rick’s dogs are small terriers) and were not happy with her efforts to sniff them.

This week when we visited again, the goats were roaming outside, and decided they wanted to chase Amy. For a  while Amy was being playful around them and the goats were pursuing her. Finally, Emily, the black goat in the picture (who also acts as their leader) decided she had enough and head-butted Amy! Amy gave a small yelp, more from the shock that the goat was actually attacking. She was not injured nor was it painful or anything, because in another minute or so, she was back trying to get the goats to play. Finally Shankar had to put the goats back in their pen to keep Amy away from them.


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