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Paper Towel Parcels June 27, 2008

Filed under: Games,Jenday Conure,Nanday Conure,NIKKO,PEPPER,Pets — Bala @ 1:02 pm

I wanted to change some of the toys in the birds cage and doing it is impossible when Nikko and Pepper are on it. They don’t like me to put my hand in the cage and mess around. As you know, birds are creatures of habits and don’t approve of change. So, they were left on the perch on the table and to distract them from what I was upto, I wrapped some sunflower seeds in a small piece of paper towel, tied it with a little cotton and gave it to them.

As always Nikko wants everything first. He is also the one who investigates everything first. He saw me wrapping the seeds and knew right away what the packet meant.

I gave another one to Pepper. She likes to shred tissues and paper towels, so was more interested in that. She was surprised I put the seeds in it than just give them to her.

Then, Nikko obviously wanted what Pepper has, dropped his packet and went for a tug-of-war with hers. Though she doesn’t like to, she always give in to his demands, otherwise he would just keep pestering her. He is a spoiled little brat baby!


4 Responses to “Paper Towel Parcels”

  1. Shirley Says:

    The birds are beautiful. Enjoyed reading here today.

  2. Thanks for including me in your blogroll!! I know about sun conures being pesky, heheh, but our human hopes that one day soon Stewie and I will get along well enough to take a cute photo like that!

  3. Gomer & Opie Says:

    What beautiful birds! We’re sorry we haven’t been around to visit in a while… now that we’ve stolen the computer from dogmom, we’ll be back more often!
    Gomer & Opie

  4. juhi Says:

    i make something similar for my girls and they love it
    pepper and nikko are very cute

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