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Owen Parade & Candy July 26, 2008

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As part of our Owen Junior Fair, we also had a parade. We had the best seats as the parade starts from the parking lot across our house.

And of course Parade means a lot of candy. We had a bunch of neighbors and their kids with us, so there were a lot of candy being tossed to them. One of the kids brought a candy roll for Amy (as she was not allowed on the street to pick it up herself). She hesitated a little bit at first, but liked the candy nonetheless.


Mango Fun July 20, 2008

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When we went to Minneapolis we picked up some bottled Mango juice and decided to share it with the birdies. Parrots love mangoes and we didn’t think Conures would be an exception. Nikko loves everything that is sweet, so it was not a surprise that he was very happy for the sip.

Pepper is always a little cautious about new food, but she also liked it a lot.

However, Nikko ran out of patience to wait his turn when Pepper was enjoying her sip that he decided to dive straight into the glass. It was that yummy!


Amy & Fireworks July 16, 2008

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Last weekend we had our Owen Junior Fair in town for three days and it included a display of fireworks. We know Amy got a little agitated during the fireworks last year. I was hoping she would brave it out and actually sit outside and watch it with us this year. Didn’t happen 😦

She came out to see what all the noise was about, but started panting and wanted to get inside the house. She also didn’t want to be away from me. So, I sat with her for a little while, hugging her.  I also wrapped a towel around her, which didn’t seem to help.

I showed her she can hide in the rest room if she is scared and she understood what I was telling her. For the rest of the event, she hid in the rest room!

She was fine, but she didn’t want to let me out of her sight the entire evening. The next day we were watching a movie (The Kite Runner) that had some fireworks in it and Amy investigated the TV and Speakers and went to high alert mode. May be we can get her used to them.


How to roll over July 14, 2008

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Here is Amy’s demonstration of how to do a roll over. She loves to do this when asked, especially if she can get lots of petting for it.

Step 1: Sit in a comfortable position and then down

Step 2: Lie down really fast without the head on the ground

Step 3: Lift the legs up in the air and turn to the other side

Step 4: Get back to position as started with,  in step 1

Step 5: Make sure the parents see this and you get a lot of attention 🙂  Amy usually tries to do a turn around to get into the comfortable position for a roll over, when she is standing, with her shoulders going on the ground first.


Bundle of Joy July 7, 2008

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Nikko is the baby of our house – he is the loudest and most demanding for attention. He is also quite the cuddler, when you can keep your fingers away from his beak. He is wondering if there can be a bigger, colorful bundle of joy than him!


Guard Duty July 6, 2008

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As the days are getting warmer and warmer, all the plants in our garden are happy and growing. This also makes all the critters living beneath the porches very happy. What better way for Amy to spend the day than to keep all the bunnies away from our veggies!