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Owen Parade & Candy July 26, 2008

Filed under: AMY,Dogs,Food,Pets — Bala @ 9:10 pm

As part of our Owen Junior Fair, we also had a parade. We had the best seats as the parade starts from the parking lot across our house.

And of course Parade means a lot of candy. We had a bunch of neighbors and their kids with us, so there were a lot of candy being tossed to them. One of the kids brought a candy roll for Amy (as she was not allowed on the street to pick it up herself). She hesitated a little bit at first, but liked the candy nonetheless.


2 Responses to “Owen Parade & Candy”

  1. froggylove Says:

    How lucky that the parade was right across from you! Looks like alot of fun. Dog is cute!!

  2. Hi, My name is Mango. I like your blog. Nice to know you. Look like the birds enjoy Mango juice and Amy love candy!
    Can we be friends?

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