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Eating Raw August 10, 2008

Filed under: AMY,Food — Bala @ 11:01 pm

Amy has taken to eating a lot of raw veggies recently – which we were hoping to get the birdies to do. When I am in the kitchen, she is usually on the hall way watching me and once in a while she gets to have the slice of veggie that made it to the floor from my cutting board. She has really surprised me by the variety of raw veggies she can eat. Here she is, enjoying a chunk of cabbage.


2 Responses to “Eating Raw”

  1. Mango Says:

    Hi Amy,
    I’m glad you like veggies. I eat alot of veggies and fruits too, carrot, green bean, snow peas, watermelon and…of course, mango, hehe.
    Thanks for dropping by, I like visiting your blog.

  2. Blend Says:

    Wow! he eats veggies……….. good boy Ami

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