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We have moved, again September 4, 2008

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We are now in Oshkosh, WI !!!! Amy and I have moved to Oshkosh for my new position at the Biology Department at the University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh campus, where I am teaching Ecology & Evolution and Population & Community Ecology. Though it is difficult to be away from Shankar and the birdies, we are looking to have a good time here.

We have a small studio above a house and our landlord has a golden retriever – Molly. His girlfriend who lives next door has another Golden Retriever – Lucky. Amy and Lucky have hit it off right away and can’t wait to play with each other all the time. We have also started going on regular walks in the neighborhood. Dogs are not allowed in the city parks, one of which is a block from home 😦 But the Winnebago county park, a few miles away has a huge dog play area and we went there once and needless to say – Amy had a gala time. She is still getting used to being at home when I am at work. We are both looking forward to going home (Owen) tomorrow!


3 Responses to “We have moved, again”

  1. Hi Bala and Amy,
    So half of the family has moved ( again).
    I’m glad Amy has found new friends to play with.
    Amy is a nice girl, she gets along fine.

  2. Mathavi Says:

    Hi Bala,

    I ran into your blog while reading about Prof Prakash.
    My freind and neigbor here in Austin, Texas has been diagnosed with Luekemia, AML. He is undergoing consolidation chemo right now.. we are still hunting for a possible bone marrow match.

    I was wondering if you can help us in any way setting up drives in Wisconsin.

    I am trying to reach out to ppl who know this process already.
    Thank you- Mathavi (

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