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Another Adoption Day! September 29, 2008

Filed under: Adoption,AMY,Dogs,Pets — Bala @ 9:31 pm

Today is Amy’s second Adoption Day. Its been two years since she has been with us and has hardly been away from me. In the last couple of years, she has traveled to 17 states with us, moved from Wisconsin to California with me and back. She has made some great friends, enabled us to make friends, and is a great spokesperson for adopted dogs. She has helped raise more than $250 for the Eau Claire Humane Association. There are no words to descibe the joy we have with her in the family.

Today, we went out for a long walk in the neighborhood and her treats included an awesome omelette. We are still waiting to go shopping for her presents!


4 Responses to “Another Adoption Day!”

  1. Pippa Says:

    Congratulations on your second adoption day Amy.

    It’s good to find some people to look after.

  2. Pet People Says:

    Amy looks adorable. You can see the intelligence in her eyes. I had a black Lab, Belle, and she astonished me with her gentleness and smarts.

  3. Sharon Says:

    Aww… congrats! I never thought of celebrating adoption day! Our own doggie’s is coming up in the spring. Isn’t it amazing how they change our lives?

  4. You are good people. I am happy that there are still people like you who cares and loves animals especially dogs. Congratulations! I hope you guys will have many years of celebration for Amy’s adoption day.

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