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Amy May 16, 2007

Meet Amy – the big kid!

@ San Luis Obispo…

May 2007

Amy @ the Beach – She loves the ocean!

Amy playing with her Green Alien toy – she loved it so much. Currently the toy is without a head and no stuffing inside. That was a joint project with her friend Sephora!


April 2007

Amy and her orange dinosaur toy – she has two of these now. In San Luis Obispo backyard.




One Response to “Amy”

  1. Prasadh M S Says:

    Little did I imagine that the first line I will ever write in my life on a blog (Excuse me! I am yet to figure out what’s the bloggish term for making an entry on a blog!) will be about a pet animal…oops! hope Amy didnt hear me say that. Amy refuses to sink into my head as anyone other than a grown girl at home who doesn’t have to go to school or work…thanks to mom and pop’s pampering! Oh well…there is another side to every coin and shudnt I be saying ‘every story’…the other side as far as Amy’s story goes is…”if everyone else at home is irresponsible and out at work all the time…who will take care of home…hence Amy has given up all mortal (self) expectations and chosen to stay home and run the household!” Hats off to you Amy! There are a zillion and a half men out there who would kill for that status in life! Cheers mate! And by the way I finally figured out what happened to that green alien who kept stealing the windscreen cleaning liquid from my car! Thank you Amy…for being the Terminator!

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