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Nikko’s Adoption Day September 27, 2008

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Its been Two years! Yes, it is two years since Nikko came into our lives and what a time we have with the little guy! And he doesn’t look or act a day older since 🙂


Cotton Candy Time August 7, 2008

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When there is a fair in town, there is of course lots of treats for everyone. During the last day of the Owen Fair, all of us had cotton candy. I wasn’t sure how the babies would like it, but as with any yummy treat, they all wanted more than seconds 🙂


Mango Fun July 20, 2008

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When we went to Minneapolis we picked up some bottled Mango juice and decided to share it with the birdies. Parrots love mangoes and we didn’t think Conures would be an exception. Nikko loves everything that is sweet, so it was not a surprise that he was very happy for the sip.

Pepper is always a little cautious about new food, but she also liked it a lot.

However, Nikko ran out of patience to wait his turn when Pepper was enjoying her sip that he decided to dive straight into the glass. It was that yummy!


Bundle of Joy July 7, 2008

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Nikko is the baby of our house – he is the loudest and most demanding for attention. He is also quite the cuddler, when you can keep your fingers away from his beak. He is wondering if there can be a bigger, colorful bundle of joy than him!


Paper Towel Parcels June 27, 2008

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I wanted to change some of the toys in the birds cage and doing it is impossible when Nikko and Pepper are on it. They don’t like me to put my hand in the cage and mess around. As you know, birds are creatures of habits and don’t approve of change. So, they were left on the perch on the table and to distract them from what I was upto, I wrapped some sunflower seeds in a small piece of paper towel, tied it with a little cotton and gave it to them.

As always Nikko wants everything first. He is also the one who investigates everything first. He saw me wrapping the seeds and knew right away what the packet meant.

I gave another one to Pepper. She likes to shred tissues and paper towels, so was more interested in that. She was surprised I put the seeds in it than just give them to her.

Then, Nikko obviously wanted what Pepper has, dropped his packet and went for a tug-of-war with hers. Though she doesn’t like to, she always give in to his demands, otherwise he would just keep pestering her. He is a spoiled little brat baby!


Fate of the Box March 12, 2008

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On Day 6, this is what was left of the box from the post below! Can you imagine how hard the babies had to work to get here?

How to keep two birds busy March 9, 2008

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A lot of people visit our site, looking for tips on adopting birds, mostly conures of course. Though we have been meaning to write about adopting birds, we can tell you this right now: It is not easy to keep two of them busy.

Pepper is a quite girl and hardly ever makes any noise, she calls to us if she wants food or need to go to bed. However, Nikko is a entirely different story. He is young, very healthy and has loads of energy. It is a challenge to come up with ideas that would help him burn off some of that excess energy, if he is not tired, is directed towards me (mostly with anger). Nikko did not grow up with toys and doesn’t care for them. I have tried to get him interested in them, but we haven’t had any luck yet. However, he likes to shred (Pepper too) and thats one way to keep him busy.

I gave him this card board box, about a month back. Pepper tends to keep away from new things, whereas Nikko loves to investigate them. So, as he came near, I threw in some seeds inside the box (I had cut a hole for him to get in) and in a few minutes he was inside.

The first day, he shredded all the flaps of the box inside and threw the box off the cage a couple of times, and scattered shredded cardboard all over the place.

Pepper joined him from day 2, she liked to shred from the outside and did not want to venture in.

Watch out for happened to the box in 6 days!!! – Here