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Waiting February 16, 2008

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Nikko knows to tell time – not exactly but he definitely knows the time when dad comes home. Soon after 5 pm, almost everyday, Nikko goes to the top of the cage and starts watching outside. Since dad walks home from work, Nikko can see for a little ways from his watch post and will start to get really excited when he sees dad. It is actually hard to persuade him away from the post, as nothing is better than daddy!


Peanut Frenzy January 25, 2008

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Nikko and Pepper love peanuts. Equivalent to Amy’s Kong, we have a peanut holder for the birdies, that stimulates them and they play around with it to get to the yummy nuts. Pepper usually tries to reach and grab with her beak, and uses one of her legs to hold it steady, while she works her way through.

Nikko gets really excited when he sees peanuts even before I get to put them in the toy. He runs around the cage, trying different ways to get to them. His best shot on it is by hanging upside down. I will go for anything that keeps him busy.

Got it!

Nikko’s anguish January 12, 2008

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Nikko has not been very happy that he doesn’t get enough coverage on the blog and has been a little envious of Amy getting all the attention. Here he is, complaining about what and all we make him do for a little spotlight 🙂

Does this qualify?

How about this?


Adoption and Adoption Days September 28, 2007

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Yesterday was Nikko’s first adoption day. We can’t believe it is already an year since the little guy came into our lives, and , that he is almost 3 years old! Nikko is getting a new happy hut and we all had loads of cinnamon coffee cake last night.

Do I look like I am 3?

And tomorrow is Amy’s adoption day too! She already got a whole bunch of new toys, including, of course, a tennis ball. She has been going crazy with all the new toys to play with.

Wanna come and play?

The biggest news of all is about Pepper. We have now officially adopted Pepper! She acts like she knows it too 🙂 Overall, we need to have a big adoption day bash here.

What took you guys so long?


Blog Burnout… August 7, 2007

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We have been suffering from a little blog burnout, after the blogathon. It felt like a feat to have written 49 posts in 24 hours, but it also zapped a lot of our energy. I was hoping to post last weekend, but alas, it was a lazy one! Anyways, wanted to update everyone that we are all doing alright. Mostly, its the same old, except we have been trying to get Nikko say my name. He does give it a try. Watch out for video soon. Talking of videos, we received a nice clip of Sephora playing with her birthday presents. We all had fun watching it!


Jealous Nikko July 28, 2007

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Blogathon 2007 – Post 28 – 9.30 PM

Nikko is the typical kid in our house. He always wants attention and has favorites – Shankar. He always follows Shankar in what he is doing, and does not like it one bit that any one else has anything to do with Shankar. He has bitten / tried to bite me, quite a few times, as a recipient of Shankar’s attention. Though he doesn’t bite Pepper, anytime anyone gives Pepper some attention, he wants it too and he wants it all! With Amy, she is ok, as long as she stays away from the cage and Shankar does not give her too much attention when Nikko is watching. If either of us, starts to play with Amy, anywhere close to Nikko – he threatens to get to us. And, of course that enough to send Amy back to her bed. Here is one such Nikko’s feat – hanging from the cage door, like he is going to jump on us!


Training Nikko June 6, 2007

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Stepping Up and Saying Hello

As mentioned in every single pet-bird manual, the first thing we trained Nikko is to Step Up on a dowel. The idea is he to get him familiarized with the stick, and if he climbs on it, then treat him. Before we discovered his passion for sunflower seeds, I used grapes for his training. It was a hard process, as his goal seemed to be to avoid the stick and still get the grape!

Once he learned the idea of doing something for a treat, the process got much better. It didn’t take long for Nikko to step up, both on a stick and on the finger! But when he thinks he doesn’t have the right balance on the finger – he uses his beak to get it and many a time results in a bleed, from the finger, of course! Once we got into the mode of training Nikko, we started the process of Clicker Training and he has made wonderful progress.

Here is Nikko, Waving at you, saying Hello!

Some of you may wonder: Why train pet birds?

This is what has to say:

Birds are complex creatures that sometimes behave in ways that are difficult for us to understand. While some quirky behaviors are normal and acceptable, owners need to know the proper ways to manage undesirable behaviors such as biting, chewing, and screaming.

And Lianne McLeod, has this to say:

Training pet parrots has benefits that extend well beyond the entertainment value of a parrot that can talk and do tricks. Training will strengthen the bond you have with your parrot, who will look forward to the one-on-one attention involved in training sessions, especially when success means lots of praise and attention along with favorite treats. In addition, teaching some simple commands will make handling your parrot easier.

For us, it was simple – we wanted to train him, so that he is comfortable with us and we are comfortable with him and we all have fun! Training him has made our interaction much more wonderful. We know and understand him better and he has a meaningful way of interacting with us. We all have some other activity to look forward to, other than having him just sit with / on us. It is also a good way of distracting him from unwanted behavior. A lot of people are surprised when I say I interact with Nikko over the phone. It is hard to think of a bird being smart enough to understand someone over the phone, but I think that all the time spent with him, training and having fun has added so much more to our relationship!