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Being a Nuisance August 20, 2008

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This is another category for the PAWLYMPICS, in which we are not participating, but posting pictures of Amy for fun here. We were actually hard pressed to find pictures of Amy being a nuisance. She is usually very good and you can always get her to go to her bed when you don’t want her around.

When we were visiting some friends in Minneapolis, we played cricket in the backyard. Amy believes that all balls are made for the pleasure of her playing with them, and thought that the game was that all of us are throwing and hitting the ball for her to get it!

Trying out as a fielder

The only question was when Amy catches the ball, is the player who hit it, out (of the game) ?


Panting pretty & a yawn August 14, 2008

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Lenny, from Wire Wise is hosting PAWLYMPICS, an olympics for doggies. We really wanted to participate in the events, but couldn’t pull all the snaps together before the deadline. Anyways, we still want to showcase what we would have submitted for the events.

Here is a couple for the Stick Your Tongue Event from Amy. Please do check out Lenny’s site for some wonderful doggie talent.