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Adorable Sephora August 11, 2007

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Sephora’s mom sent us this really cool video of Sephora having a field day with a couple of the toys we sent her for her birthday. She is simply soooo cute and adorable! 🙂


Blog Burnout… August 7, 2007

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We have been suffering from a little blog burnout, after the blogathon. It felt like a feat to have written 49 posts in 24 hours, but it also zapped a lot of our energy. I was hoping to post last weekend, but alas, it was a lazy one! Anyways, wanted to update everyone that we are all doing alright. Mostly, its the same old, except we have been trying to get Nikko say my name. He does give it a try. Watch out for video soon. Talking of videos, we received a nice clip of Sephora playing with her birthday presents. We all had fun watching it!


Amy and Sephora July 28, 2007

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Blogathon 2007 – Post 34 – 12.30 AM

No way will our blogathon be complete, if we did not write about Sephora – Amy’s best friend, who has also managed to convince her parents to sponsor us! Sephora just recently turned one and we miss her. We used to go to the beach every so often and they both had a gala time. can you see that they each have a tennis ball in their mouths?


Happy Birthday Dear Sephora! July 20, 2007

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Our friend Sephora is turning ONE today!!! Thats right! No more a puppy 🙂 Here is wishing her a wonderful birthday, filled with love, tennis balls, treats and squeaky toys! Sephora, you are so adorable and we miss you.

Okay, here is a good one at the beach-

Hope you are have loads of fun today!


We are going Home! June 13, 2007

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Things have recently changed for me at California and Amy and I are going to hit the road tomorrow, on a long drive back to Wisconsin. Shankar is also going to join us from LA, to help with the drive. We are really excited to be together again. However, we would miss all our friends here in CA. Especially Amy is going to miss Sephora a lot! Hence we have been spending the last few days with Sephora, her parents and the three cats. More soon on our trip to CA and back.


Being away from Amy June 8, 2007

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Last year, during Thanksgiving we had to board Amy for the first time. It was just for the weekend. Well, in a small town like Owen, WI having a place around to board pet animals is a big deal. The place in nice, but small and the owner and her daughters were really nice. However, she was not happy to be separated from us and went without eating for more than a day. When I went to pick her up, she was tired and not too happy to have been left at the kennel. She also had an appointment for her spaying on that Monday. We had to wait for two months to get a date in Owen – unbelievable, but true! At least we did not have to wait to get her shots. They had her in a kennel similar to the one she was in the shelter at the Vet after the surgery and the moment she heard me walk in the door, she started whining and did not have the patience to hang around in that place, till I took care of the bills.

We boarded her again in the same place during the Christmas break, and this time she knew we would come back to get her and did not fuss about eating. After I moved to California, I had to vacate my room after some issues and had to board Amy for a week, before we could move into another place. I visited her everyday, both before going to work and after. She couldn’t understand why I was leaving her there and wanted to get back in the car with me. For once, I wished so much that she could understand everything I tell her. It was a rough time for both Amy and I, and we hope to never go through it again. We made up by going to the beach twice that weekend 🙂

When I went to Kansas last month, I was looking for a boarding place with a larger play area, but our friends C&R offered to take care of my little girl and she was so happy, to be able to stay and play with Sephora all week long! Sephora’s dad is Amy’s Vet here and I know even if she got in to any trouble, she is in good hands. Now we (the parents) are in Albuquerque for a few days and Amy is again staying with Sephora. What more can we all ask, when she is with her best friend, playing in a large yard and being well taken care of by her Vet?


Dog Park = FUN June 5, 2007

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When we were in Wisconsin, we took Amy to a dog park, about 50 miles from home, once. It was a chilly evening and there were only a few dogs at the park. She enjoyed running around with the other dogs and had a lot of fun. When Amy and I moved to California, we had a dog park by the lake, 2 blocks from home. So, almost every evening when I came back from work, we went to the dog park. Though some dogs are mean, she likes her doggie friends and makes the most of her time at the park. We don’t go back home till she is thoroughly exhausted. Sometimes she runs so much that I worry about her passing out!

Running with the pack

Amy is a social bird, running from one dog to another, saying hello, till she sees a ball flying by! She has to chase the ball, no matter whose it is. And she is faster than a lot of other dogs at the park and usually picks up the ball first. Though it is good to see her active and performing, it is a little awkward when the other dog parent doesn’t like their dog’s ball being retrieved by Amy. one good things is Amy usually takes the ball back to the person who is throwing it. Once she gets distracted by the ball, all dogs become invisible!

Utterly exhausted and still waiting for the ball

After we befriended Sephora and her parents, we have been taking them out on play dates either to the dog park or the beach often. One day, for the first time ever, Amy growled at other dogs that wanted to drink from her bowl. She was too heated up and there was no way she was going to share her cool sip. The sweet part was when Sephora wanted to drink from her bowl, Amy did not mind at all!

Amy and Sephora, having a great time at the dog park. Can the tongue come out any more?

The part I hate the most is when there is a pool of stagnated water by the taps, muddy and all, and Amy will go and plop in it to cool down! The tap is spring controlled and giving her a rinse without asking anyone for help is impossible. Going through the whole ritual of holding her still and close to the tap when there are a bunch of dogs running around, rinsing and toweling her and taking her straight to the car before she makes it to the mud puddle again, makes for an eventful evening for both of us.