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More space! August 31, 2007

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Amy says – This is a lot more comfy than the back seat! Can I ride in here?

Amy checked out our new car and got really excited to be able to jump in the back, and is not happy that she doesn’t get to ride in all that space.


More @ the Grand Canyon July 3, 2007

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Though Amy was doing great with the crowd around us at the Grand Canyon, once she discovered the squirrels, she was getting distracted quite a bit! Later, when we went to look at the Californian Condors and Hermit Road, Amy had the chance to take a long nap and here she is trying to wake up after a cold drink…

She was excited on our drive to the Grand View and was looking out for a while, since it had also started to cool down by then…

We saw a beautiful sunset at Grand View, and here is Amy, waiting with us, looking over the canyon.

By the time we started again towards Desert View, Amy decided she had enough of the long day and was fast asleep! I am sure she was dreaming of dog parks by then!


So What? June 24, 2007

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Amy says: So what, if I am stuck in the backseat of the car for a while? I can still have all the fun I want, with my new Ratty toy!

After her sumptuous breakfast @ Williams, Amy started playing with her toy, as we entered Grand Canyon and went on with it for a while and wanted me to join the fun too!

P.S. As of Thursday, Ratty is missing one leg and doesn’t squeak.


On the Road – Day 1 June 22, 2007

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We all made it back home a couple of days back and have been catching up on sleep. I have been spending a lot of time with Nikko (who btw, is sitting on my shoulder as I type) and Pepper, who were really delighted to see us back. In fact, they woke up at 3 am to greet us! Now we are back to writing and catching up with our pet friends.

Last week, after a wonderful four days with Sephora and family, we decided to spend another evening with them and left early morning on Friday to LA, where Shankar was waiting for us. Since the four and half hour drive, combined with a late night and crazy traffic, Amy and I went for a short nap at the motel.

Little did I know that after this, Amy decided that the best way to spend the day is to take more naps!

When we neared the desert, she had to lose window privileges so as not to get super hot.

We made a quick water stop by the Mojave Desert National Preserve and then drove on to Williams, Arizona for the night.