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Eating Raw August 10, 2008

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Amy has taken to eating a lot of raw veggies recently – which we were hoping to get the birdies to do. When I am in the kitchen, she is usually on the hall way watching me and once in a while she gets to have the slice of veggie that made it to the floor from my cutting board. She has really surprised me by the variety of raw veggies she can eat. Here she is, enjoying a chunk of cabbage.


Cotton Candy Time August 7, 2008

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When there is a fair in town, there is of course lots of treats for everyone. During the last day of the Owen Fair, all of us had cotton candy. I wasn’t sure how the babies would like it, but as with any yummy treat, they all wanted more than seconds 🙂


Owen Parade & Candy July 26, 2008

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As part of our Owen Junior Fair, we also had a parade. We had the best seats as the parade starts from the parking lot across our house.

And of course Parade means a lot of candy. We had a bunch of neighbors and their kids with us, so there were a lot of candy being tossed to them. One of the kids brought a candy roll for Amy (as she was not allowed on the street to pick it up herself). She hesitated a little bit at first, but liked the candy nonetheless.


Mango Fun July 20, 2008

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When we went to Minneapolis we picked up some bottled Mango juice and decided to share it with the birdies. Parrots love mangoes and we didn’t think Conures would be an exception. Nikko loves everything that is sweet, so it was not a surprise that he was very happy for the sip.

Pepper is always a little cautious about new food, but she also liked it a lot.

However, Nikko ran out of patience to wait his turn when Pepper was enjoying her sip that he decided to dive straight into the glass. It was that yummy!


Yumm.. February 18, 2008

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Now this is what we call a gourmet meal 🙂

Peanut Frenzy January 25, 2008

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Nikko and Pepper love peanuts. Equivalent to Amy’s Kong, we have a peanut holder for the birdies, that stimulates them and they play around with it to get to the yummy nuts. Pepper usually tries to reach and grab with her beak, and uses one of her legs to hold it steady, while she works her way through.

Nikko gets really excited when he sees peanuts even before I get to put them in the toy. He runs around the cage, trying different ways to get to them. His best shot on it is by hanging upside down. I will go for anything that keeps him busy.

Got it!

Nikko & Popsicle September 22, 2007

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We had mentioned about Nikko enjoying ice-cream and popsicle in our previous posts. Here is a cool, less than a minute video of Nikko enjoying a lime flavored popsicle.