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Being a Nuisance August 20, 2008

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This is another category for the PAWLYMPICS, in which we are not participating, but posting pictures of Amy for fun here. We were actually hard pressed to find pictures of Amy being a nuisance. She is usually very good and you can always get her to go to her bed when you don’t want her around.

When we were visiting some friends in Minneapolis, we played cricket in the backyard. Amy believes that all balls are made for the pleasure of her playing with them, and thought that the game was that all of us are throwing and hitting the ball for her to get it!

Trying out as a fielder

The only question was when Amy catches the ball, is the player who hit it, out (of the game) ?


Paper Towel Parcels June 27, 2008

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I wanted to change some of the toys in the birds cage and doing it is impossible when Nikko and Pepper are on it. They don’t like me to put my hand in the cage and mess around. As you know, birds are creatures of habits and don’t approve of change. So, they were left on the perch on the table and to distract them from what I was upto, I wrapped some sunflower seeds in a small piece of paper towel, tied it with a little cotton and gave it to them.

As always Nikko wants everything first. He is also the one who investigates everything first. He saw me wrapping the seeds and knew right away what the packet meant.

I gave another one to Pepper. She likes to shred tissues and paper towels, so was more interested in that. She was surprised I put the seeds in it than just give them to her.

Then, Nikko obviously wanted what Pepper has, dropped his packet and went for a tug-of-war with hers. Though she doesn’t like to, she always give in to his demands, otherwise he would just keep pestering her. He is a spoiled little brat baby!


We are back… August 24, 2007

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We are finally back to blogging after a long break! We all have been keeping busy, enjoying the summer, traveling, having visitors and the last few days – indoors, with the rains here in Wisconsin.

Amy has recently learnt to jump through the hoop! Anything for the ball, she says 🙂


Aren’t DVDs toys? July 28, 2007

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Blogathon – Post – 2 – 8.30 AM

Shankar and I were watching a movie on the laptop last week, and I had pulled out an old DVD from the laptop and had set it out on the coffee table. A few days back, when I was looking for something else, the DVD fell on the floor. Amy, who we thought was sleeping all of a sudden jumped up and seeeing the DVD in my hand, started to go nuts! Like had a frisbee in my hand! And thats exactly what she was thinking. Dont ask me if she hasnt seen a frisbee.

She started wagging with a lot of excitement, doing the bow thing, like I would throw the DVD any moment for her to catch, and when she realised I was hesitant, she started asking for it.

Please, please, please…

Got it!


Its mine now! Try to come and get it!


Tug-of-War – The Ultimate Game June 4, 2007

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Amy loves to play tug-of-war. She is not specific about which toy she wants to play the game with. Anything would work. Not only with us, but with other dogs too. She initiates the game by taking the toy to the other party, be it her doggie friends or us. I know that the rules of the tug-of-war says that we initiate and end the game and make sure that we win every time. If the humans don’t win, they say that it could promote dominance in the dog. Its another way of ensuring that the dog knows that you are in-charge.

Here she is, playing tug with Sephora in my backyard

Though I usually try to follow the books closely with Amy, I think it is o.k. for her to let us know when she wants to play. If we are not busy, we could always have a little fun! She is really good with leaving us alone when we don’t want to play. Also, since she knows ‘drop it’, stopping the game anytime she is getting worked up is easy! We also let her win often. Not just that she does because she has a lot more balance on four legs, or that she is more aggressive about the toy than we are, but also letting her win gives her an ego boost. Amy used to be very passive and scared when we brought her home. She gets scared easily, especially with men and we suspect that she had been abused. Even in the dog park or the beach, when she sees another dog, she would run to it, but then most of the time sits down or lies on her belly. Though it is good in some ways that she is very passive in letting the other dog know that she is not a threat, we don’t want her to feel so much threatened and vulnerable. And one should see her happiness when she could pull that rope off my hand 🙂