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We have moved, again September 4, 2008

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We are now in Oshkosh, WI !!!! Amy and I have moved to Oshkosh for my new position at the Biology Department at the University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh campus, where I am teaching Ecology & Evolution and Population & Community Ecology. Though it is difficult to be away from Shankar and the birdies, we are looking to have a good time here.

We have a small studio above a house and our landlord has a golden retriever – Molly. His girlfriend who lives next door has another Golden Retriever – Lucky. Amy and Lucky have hit it off right away and can’t wait to play with each other all the time. We have also started going on regular walks in the neighborhood. Dogs are not allowed in the city parks, one of which is a block from home 😦 But the Winnebago county park, a few miles away has a huge dog play area and we went there once and needless to say – Amy had a gala time. She is still getting used to being at home when I am at work. We are both looking forward to going home (Owen) tomorrow!


Amy & Fireworks July 16, 2008

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Last weekend we had our Owen Junior Fair in town for three days and it included a display of fireworks. We know Amy got a little agitated during the fireworks last year. I was hoping she would brave it out and actually sit outside and watch it with us this year. Didn’t happen 😦

She came out to see what all the noise was about, but started panting and wanted to get inside the house. She also didn’t want to be away from me. So, I sat with her for a little while, hugging her.  I also wrapped a towel around her, which didn’t seem to help.

I showed her she can hide in the rest room if she is scared and she understood what I was telling her. For the rest of the event, she hid in the rest room!

She was fine, but she didn’t want to let me out of her sight the entire evening. The next day we were watching a movie (The Kite Runner) that had some fireworks in it and Amy investigated the TV and Speakers and went to high alert mode. May be we can get her used to them.


Guard Duty July 6, 2008

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As the days are getting warmer and warmer, all the plants in our garden are happy and growing. This also makes all the critters living beneath the porches very happy. What better way for Amy to spend the day than to keep all the bunnies away from our veggies!


Long day… June 22, 2008

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With the weather being nice most of the time (except when we have thunderstorms), Amy gets to spend a lot of time outside. Whenever I am doing things in the garden, Amy patrols around the house, checks out the boundaries, and tries to move all her balls around. She also gets to play fetch a lot, and after a long day outside, gets to lounge on the lawn. The only thing missing in her life is another dog to play with all day long.


Back with a new look June 19, 2008

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We had a very busy spring semester and now enjoying the summer. With so much going on we definitely have been slacking on keeping the blog updated. Last few weeks have been a lot of work in the garden, and we have been visiting the pond regularly for swimming. We got a lot to write about and hope to be active on the blogosphere. Hope you all like the new look 🙂

Amy with Geraniums


New Bed February 21, 2008

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This was Amy’s old bed – it became too old, and so, when we were on our road trip to the South, we got a new one. But I made a mistake on the size of the bed and got her one that was a little bit smaller than what she would like. Here is her new one, what I think is a little too big, especially since she has been sleeping with us on the bed. However, she loves it too much and with the weather not so good, spends a lot of time sleeping on her new bed.


Wakey Time! July 29, 2007

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Blogathon 2007 – Post 48 – 07.30 AM

Time for me to get up!

Why do you guys look all tired & weary? What you did not sleep all night?! But why?

Any way thought I would say good morning! I guess I have to wait till later to say so!