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Being a Nuisance August 20, 2008

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This is another category for the PAWLYMPICS, in which we are not participating, but posting pictures of Amy for fun here. We were actually hard pressed to find pictures of Amy being a nuisance. She is usually very good and you can always get her to go to her bed when you don’t want her around.

When we were visiting some friends in Minneapolis, we played cricket in the backyard. Amy believes that all balls are made for the pleasure of her playing with them, and thought that the game was that all of us are throwing and hitting the ball for her to get it!

Trying out as a fielder

The only question was when Amy catches the ball, is the player who hit it, out (of the game) ?


Amy and the Goats June 24, 2008

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Our friends Rick & Chris have a farm with a few goats and a lot of cows. They also run a greenhouse from where almost all of our plants came from. We go there quite often and as you all know Amy goes with us wherever we go for the most part. A few weeks back when we were at the farm, Amy decided to check out the goats that were inside an enclosure.

As far as we know, Amy hasn’t been around goats before; she thought they were different kinds of dogs and wanted to play with them. However, the goats were a little rattled by the presence of a dog as big as Amy (since Rick’s dogs are small terriers) and were not happy with her efforts to sniff them.

This week when we visited again, the goats were roaming outside, and decided they wanted to chase Amy. For a  while Amy was being playful around them and the goats were pursuing her. Finally, Emily, the black goat in the picture (who also acts as their leader) decided she had enough and head-butted Amy! Amy gave a small yelp, more from the shock that the goat was actually attacking. She was not injured nor was it painful or anything, because in another minute or so, she was back trying to get the goats to play. Finally Shankar had to put the goats back in their pen to keep Amy away from them.


Last Month of Snow March 22, 2008

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We are really really hoping for it to stop snowing and finally see some sun. It was very pleasant for a few days last week, and we played outside a lot. It was good to see the snow melting finally. However, it snowed again last three days and it is warm now. The ice has started to melt quite a bit and Amy is determined to make the best of the piles up snow and ice before it is hot here and spends quite a bit of time investigating things in the snow!

How else do you think we can keep busy in this weather?

Things as usual March 8, 2008

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Nothing much has changed in Wisconsin, since the last time we wrote – the snow is still there and we are having really cold days and nights. Well, actually we are seeing he sun more often now, but not enough to melt the snow piles. Amy has been enjoying the snow, a lot more than we do, and runs around like crazy.
She has lost a lot more balls this winter in the snow than ever before and spends a lot of time searching for them in places that she will not be able to find them.
Here she is in one of her mad dashes across the yard. Oh, she has also been jumping from top of the snow piles, which I am hoping to get a video of soon.

We are back… August 24, 2007

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We are finally back to blogging after a long break! We all have been keeping busy, enjoying the summer, traveling, having visitors and the last few days – indoors, with the rains here in Wisconsin.

Amy has recently learnt to jump through the hoop! Anything for the ball, she says 🙂


Nap Time July 28, 2007

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Blogathon 2007 – Post 31 – 11.00 PM

It was finally time for Nikko & Pepper to go to bed. They usually start screaming to be taken to bed and today was no different. However, once I took them to their bed (cage) Nikko was not happy I was going to lock him up and almost bit me. If not for the numerous times he has bit me, I would not have been quick enough. Both of the birds were not happy, however resigned to the fact that they have to sleep. We will envy them once sleep deprivation starts to set in.

We do not want to sleep!!


Playing it nice June 7, 2007

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Amy, as I mentioned before, is super friendly. She thinks the same of all dogs and wants to play with everyone. Our neighbor has a dachshund whom we rarely see. Once in a while, he will see Amy poking around by the fence below the porch and will start barking. Amy, as always thinks he wants to play with her and was trying to figure out a way to get through the fence. However, when she poked her nose through it, the little dog tried to bite her and freaked her out. Amy, confused about what was happening, came running back up, went for her Orange monster toy and took it back to the little guy, hoping that would get him to soften up 🙂 Did I mention that she is smart?